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iCell Såg – how to grind and saw


When the saw or knife feels dull, it can easily be grinded with the included sharpener. Hold the saw with the handle towards you and the edge up. Place the sharpener at the bottom of the saw, angle the sharpener to the left, so that the sharpening blade lies against the non-daring part of the edge and guides it towards its tip. Always in the same direction and all the time with contact with the edge (scratch sound). Repeat 2-5 times. The sharpener is designed to prevent the hand from sliding down on the knife or saw.

Saw / Cut

A stable surface facilitates sawing. Placed saw against the bat with as low an angle as possible (the handle near the bat) and saw along the bat with long even strokes.

You save energy and money

  • House 130 m² in the middle of Sweden
    150 mm sawdust
    U-värde 0,51 W/m² °C
  • After additional insulation
    with 350 mm iCell Lösull,
    nytt U-värde 0,10 W/m² °C
Save ~5 700 kWh/year About Insulation

Quality assurance

All that we do is driven by our desire to deliver the highest quality products. To us, quality assurance is an obvious must in order to meet the demands and expectations of customers, authorities, organizations, and not least, the environment.


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