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What is cellulose?

Cellulose is nature’s most abundant organic substance and is naturally available in the cell walls of plants. During photosynthesis, plants convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen – into cellulose. No less than 100 billion tons of cellulose are created in this way each year.

iCell cellulose Älvdalen

Cellulose has many properties that makes it ideal for insulation. It absorbs moisture, which prevents moisture-related problems, and eliminates the need for diffusion plastic when building. It absorbs sounds very well, a feature that has become more and more appreciated in modern construction. Moreover, cellulose insulation does not release any unpleasant odor and it is fireproof.

    More About Cellulose Insulation

    You save energy and money

    • House 130 m² in the middle of Sweden
      150 mm sawdust
      U-värde 0,51 W/m² °C
    • After additional insulation
      with 350 mm iCell Lösull,
      nytt U-värde 0,10 W/m² °C
    Save ~5 700 kWh/year About Insulation

    Quality assurance

    All that we do is driven by our desire to deliver the highest quality products. To us, quality assurance is an obvious must in order to meet the demands and expectations of customers, authorities, organizations, and not least, the environment.


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