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Cellulose is an excellent insulation solution

The insulating material from cellulose has an excellent performance, which, above all, is due to three valuable properties:

  • Air tightness: Cellulose insulation is a so-called high-density product. This means that the material is extremely dense and has a relatively high weight volume. It helps to prevent unwanted air currents (convection) in the insulation and also provides a high thermal capacity.
  • Thermal capacity: Thermal capacity refers to the amount of energy needed to heat 1 kg 1 degree C. If the value is high, the material will have a high level of inactivity. The value of glass wool is 670 joules per kg; the value of rock wool is 860 joules per kg. The value of cellulose insulation is excellent at 1600 joules per kg (according to EN ISO 10456), which in practice makes cellulose significantly more effective as insulation.
  • Convection: Cellulose insulation is a dense insulation, which consists of cellulose fibers which also naturally contain air. This contributes to the binding of the effect through so-called forced convection. Natural convection starts at a temperature difference of 15°C for glass wool, 22°C for stone wool and not at all for cellulose even at the highest temperature differences that could be relevant for house insulation.

    More About Cellulose Insulation

    You save energy and money

    • House 130 m² in the middle of Sweden
      150 mm sawdust
      U-värde 0,51 W/m² °C
    • After additional insulation
      with 350 mm iCell Lösull,
      nytt U-värde 0,10 W/m² °C
    Save ~5 700 kWh/year About Insulation

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