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  • Photo of Anna Lekander

    Anna Lekander

    Purchasing & Logistics

    Anna joined the company in February 2014. Originally from Älvdalen, but now a resident of Oxberg.

  • Photo of Johan Thorén

    Johan Thorén

    Sales Manager

  • Photo of Stephan Kuratli

    Stephan Kuratli

    Global Sales / Business Development

    Stephan has a background in sales and marketing in the medical industry. He has  a successful track record in strategic sales in competitive environments.

  • Photo of Fredrik Nyberg

    Fredrik Nyberg

    Sales southern/western parts of Sweden

    Fredrik lives in Borås. He previously worked as a sales representative in the construction industry, working with builders, contractors, architects, housing associations, etc.

  • Photo of Stefan Nordgren

    Stefan Nordgren

    Sales support & demo setups

    Stefan works with sales support and demos, and is based in Stockholm.

  • Photo of Mattias Sörensson

    Mattias Sörensson


    Mattias is originally from Stockholm. He has worked in marketing and IT since the company’s inception in 2011.

  • Photo of Tony Broberg

    Tony Broberg

    Process and machine operator

    Tony been part of the team since the company’s inception in 2011, working with machine installations, etc. He is originally from Våmhus.

  • Photo of Jonny Norman

    Jonny Norman

    Process and machine operator

    Jonny has worked at iCell since 2013. He is in charge of lab and test operations, and hails from Norrköping, but has settled down in Oxberg.

  • Photo of Mattias Persson

    Mattias Persson

    Process and machine operator

    Mattias began at iCell in August 2014 and lives in Västäng.

  • Photo of Jan Fridh

    Jan Fridh

    Process and machine operator

    Jan began working at iCell in November 2014. He is from Orsa.

More About iCell

You save energy and money

  • House 130 m² in the middle of Sweden
    150 mm sawdust
    U-värde 0,51 W/m² °C
  • After additional insulation
    with 350 mm iCell Lösull,
    nytt U-värde 0,10 W/m² °C
Save ~5 700 kWh/year About Insulation

Quality assurance

All that we do is driven by our desire to deliver the highest quality products. To us, quality assurance is an obvious must in order to meet the demands and expectations of customers, authorities, organizations, and not least, the environment.


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